Getting Started

July 28, 2007 at 4:51 pm Leave a comment

Right then, my first post. Ready to start the journey…

but I’ll start at a gentle pace by pointing to:

  1. Two days back, on Thursday 26th July, I gave a presentation to the NZ Computer Society, Wellington Branch. The topic was “User-centric Information Sharing: A key enabler to transform government”. So that’s a topic that I’ll be coming back to in my posts.
  2. One of the few documents that I’ve authored at work which is in the public domain is called “Online Authentication Trends: 2007”. Not a bad read (yes, I’m humble sometimes). As the Report says, it “looks at global trends in online authentication from the perspective of New Zealand government agencies.” This is another topic that will no doubt be a theme in future posts.

So, off we go then.

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