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July 29, 2007 at 5:02 pm Leave a comment

Turns out that when I set up this blog at WordPress, I got an OpenID automatically. It seems that WordPress gets all the information required to register a person for OpenID when they create a blog.

This is really good user experience: nothing extra to do, no extra steps. People just have to do whatever they would have done in any case and, presto, you have an OpenID.

However, there appeared to be two downsides:

  1. I’ve already got an OpenID and there seems to be no obvious way a person can consolidate multiple OpenIDs (from different OpenID Providers) into one. One of the problems that OpenID is supposed to solve is doing away with multiple things to keep track of and this hardly seems to be better.
  2. There was almost zero selling of the benefits of OpenID. WordPress limits its description in the admin panel to, “OpenID allows you to log in to other sites that support the OpenID standard.” Factually correct but if the person has no idea what OpenID is then it’s hardly enticing.

From the NZ government perspective, the Government Logon Service (GLS) provides logon management (authentication).

It is not really the direct equivalent of OpenID (the GLS provides pseudonymous logons with no identity), the GLS does have the benefit of allowing people to choose to combine multiple username & password pairs into a single one without changing the underlying linkages.

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