Re-inventing the Internet

August 14, 2007 at 10:30 pm Leave a comment

“I developed the first incarnation of the Internet almost 40 years ago when I couldn’t send some scanned photos to my colleague at MIT who was on a different type computer.”

So says Dr. Larry Roberts who is credited with leading the team that gave birth to the Internet. He has recently launched his latest innovation and new networking company, Anagran.

He says that voice and video, where the packets need to stream uninterrupted, are causing traffic jams on the Internet. Videos often have interruptions or delay, causing an annoying freeze-frame effect. Conversations can sound choppy with words getting dropped.

His solution? A new Layer 3 router that “looks at each packet as part of its higher level flow and based on specified priorities, intelligently delivers the most critical information at the highest quality of performance…virtually eliminating delay and packet losses caused by traditional routers’ large output queues under traffic overload.”

The result is “flawless video and voice, faster downloads, and minimal delay for all traffic… This will let the Web operate in fractional second times.” On top of this, the router can reduce network costs by 10 to 1 and give a busy signal.

Sounds too good to be true. But this is Dr. Larry Roberts.

The only downside is that ISPs can use the routers to introduce differentiated pricing. A probable result is that streaming video, voice, and high-end services like IPTV will be charged at premium rates.

In competitive markets this may not happen but in markets like New Zealand, where punishing monthly data caps are the norm, the cynic in me says this will just be another way for the ISPs to squeeze higher ARPUs (Average Revenue Per User).


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