Peter Gutmann on malware

November 14, 2007 at 11:32 pm Leave a comment

Security guru Peter Gutmann is the coolest geek I know, cool enough to love being called a geek; cool enough to take on Microsoft over the user costs (in terms of system performance, system stability, technical support overhead, etc.) from Vista’s content protection and then take on the inevitable attacks and hit back.

He even looks like a cool geek.

But this is not what the post is about… actually, Peter presents his thoughts in a very engaging manner. A couple of months back, I went to a presentation on The Commercial Malware Industry which is now available for people to have a look at.

At about 2 hours 9 minutes, it is quite long and covers topics like:

– how organised crime has evolved from the days they ran the numbers rackets into malware

– fascinating insight into what’s happening in Russia and the Russian mafia

– the malware market (spam, viruses, Trojans, root kits, etc.) including how the laws of free markets apply

– prices and extent of private data available on the Internet

… and much more.

I’ve got this on my must-watch list for anyone even mildly interested in the Internet.


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