Webstock day 2

February 15, 2008 at 11:22 pm 1 comment

The second and final day of the main conference at Webstock was as impressive as day 1.

It reminded me of the experience with the heavenly Chocolate Madness dessert at Strawberry Fare: rich, yummy, wicked. You know you should be savouring each bite but you just can’t help gulping it all down. After some time, the flavour and sweetness gets overwhelming but you still want more. Until it’s all gone… and you know that while you’re bloated now, come tomorrow you’ll want more.

Russell Brown kicked things off with a wonderful review of the local web scene. He made the important point about how video has taken off in NZ over the past year. Next up was Simon Willison with an excellent round-up of OpenID. He was clearly talking to an audience who wanted to get an insight into the state of play.

The quality did not let up. Tom Coates of Yahoo Brickhouse talked about the web of data followed by Luke Wroblewski on “using visual hierarchy to construct meaningful, prioritized page layouts.”

Things continued at the same high level after lunch- Amy Hoy on evil usability, Scott Berkun on innovation, Damian Conway on web design mistakes, and Kathy Sierra on creating passionate users.

Once the presentations and recordings are up at Webstock, they will be a great source of ongoing value.

With such a rich offering, it’s no wonder that the bar at the end of the day was an oasis of soothing reflection.

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Webstock day 1 NZ Identity Summit in April

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